Home: Is It an Investment or a Burden?

Home: Is It an Investment or a Burden?

For many of us, homes are an asset and investment.

No wonder we often hear people use the term invest rather than buy in acquiring a piece of real property: Invest in a residential real estate; invest in a mansion in Beverly Hills; invest in a condo unit at Coveted Properties, Inc., and so on.

But there are some of us who don’t regard homes that way. They think homes are a liability rather than an asset, a financial burden rather than an investment. But we cannot just dismiss them as killjoys for they have sensible reasons for saying so.

Here are some of their arguments:

  • Homes, whether big or small, require maintenance. We all know maintenance is an expense. It can be in the form of wages for the caretaker, a salary for the security guard, or budget for some repairs, minor or major.
  • Homes demand taxes — the bigger the home, the bigger the amount of the tax.
  • Homes require bigger expenses when calamities strike such as flood, snow storms, hurricanes, etc.

If we come to think of it, they are right. Homes can be “cash guzzlers” if we subscribe to their line of thinking.

Turn Homes into Real Investments

If you ask us at Downstate Group LLC, the prime source of Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida, what we think about the conflicting views about homes, we say we bend over a little towards those who consider homes as investments. While at that, we pay respect to the stance of those who think otherwise.

But if ever doubts linger as to the status of a home or residence as a piece of an asset, these would be erased if the owner buys a homeowner’s insurance for it. Then and only then a home becomes a true investment.

Speaking of affordable but comprehensive home insurance in this part of Florida, our company Downstate Group LLC provides it for you. Our product covers not just your home but also your personal belongings and the people who live in it. That’s quite of a coverage don’t you think so?

With comprehensive home insurance coverage from Auto Insurance in Spring Hill Florida, you know that you will have financial resources to turn to in the event of a calamity that damages your home or when you need maintenance/repairs for your residence. This answers contention number 3 of the pro-liability camp.

Our homes give us a sense of security while homeowners insurance will secure our homes. More than that, it turns homes into attractive instruments for investment.

Turn to the Property Protectors

If you have yet to buy an insurance policy for your home, or you already have done it but are seriously considering our cost-friendly packages, it’s rather easy to reach out to us.

Pick up your phone now, press the numbers 877-755-9950 and ask for an appointment.

Our team of veteran and highly skilled representatives is just at your beck and call. They are always ready and willing to sit down with you, listen to your concerns and give sound advice as to your insurance requirements and risk management needs.

Our email facility at downstategroup@yahoo.com is also available for you.

We maintain an account each with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Send us a message there and we will be glad to respond to you promptly. Our followers may also be able to put in their two cents worth as regards your insurance concerns.

Should you need more information about our company and our products and services, please click the link downstategroup.com.

We invite you to see us personally at our office in 12553 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida 34609.

How about you? What’s your position as to whether a home is an asset or a liability? We cannot wait to hear your views. Please post them in the comments portion below this article.

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